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Ordering Tips & Quantities


For a light breakfast, one serve per person from the breakfast range is recommended. For a full breakfast we recommend one serve of a savoury item & one serve of a sweet item For example: for 15 – 15 breakfast muffins, small fruit platter & 8 sweet muffins


One serve per person is normally enough

E.g 1: For 15 – 15 serves of muffins & 15 savoury croissants & 15 assorted sweet
E.g. 2: For 15 – 15 muffins or 15 assorted sweets


Lunch can be broken down into 2 courses; sandwhiches & a fruit platter.

Multiply the number of guests by the recommended quantity of an item.
E.g. 1: 12 Guests x point sandwhiches @ 1.5pp = 18 sandwhiches or 12 guests having point sandwhiches & petit rolls
E.g. 2: 6 Guests x sandwhiches @ 1.5pp = 9 sandwhiches & 6 guests x petit rolls @ 3 = 18 rolls
Dessert Course
one serve per person of either a fruit platter or cheese & fruit platter is the most popular choice for more variety consider offering fruit & sweets
E.g. small fruit platter (serves 5- 8) & 6 serves of sweets
2 litres of orange juice will provide up to 10 glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide vegetarian options?

    All of our sandwhich orders include 25% vegetarian options, unless otherwise requested there are also a number of gluten free and vegetarian options.

  • I sometimes have last minute catering requirements - can you help with these?

    Absolutely, we are available to assist you & we will make every effort to provide something for you.

  • Do I need an account to place an order?

    No. If you wish to pay by invoice you will need to fill out our order form and send it to us.

  • All prices are inclusive of GST

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